Phase 1 habitat survey

As part of a Phase 1 habitat Survey I will undertake a Habitat Survey and report the mammal and bird species on your site. Up to three bat surveys may be required depending on the nature of your project. It may also include general invertebrate species and make recommendations for future surveys as part of a more in depth Phase 2  survey.

Bat Surveys
  • I am a holder of a bat licence and act as a roost visitor on behalf of Natural England;
  • I undertake bat emergence and activity surveys using recordable frequency division equipment or Anabat static Bat detection equipment;
  • I specialise in monitoring the effects of entertainment such as lighting, music, fireworks  on bats; and
  • Surveys and reporting are undertaken in accordance using Bat Conservation Trust Guidelines
    Bird Surveys
  • I have been a birdwatcher as long as I can remember.  I have undertaken professional surveys since the mid-nineties including: Breeding bird surveys of nature reserves, cemeteries and allotments, R.B. Kingston upon Thames, L.B’s of Redbridge; L.B Lewisham; City of London 1997- 2008. Black redstart surveys throughout the London Region and Studies of particular bird species such as house sparrow
Training Sessions

Classroom and field training sessions groups planning and arboricultural officers  on how and when to survey, what should be included in the survey and what to expect from reports. What happens when a report doesn’t contain all the relevant information. Types of mitigation that can be demanded from development schemes that impact on open spaces from ecological management plans to offsite remedial works.


Community Projects -see separate page